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To Our Valued JetSki Community, we want you to know we recognise and respect you as boaters and skippers, the same as traditional vessel owners. BUT we need your help in sharing information about TOW TAPS and LINE CLAMPS, so we don’t have to Tow you at 6 knots if you ever need our services. Please help us help YOU, and the JetSki community in Mackay, and share this with those who Fish, Ride, Explore and Enjoy their JetSkis in the ocean.
With ever increasing JetSki sales there's no doubt they will become a more frequent vessel type that VMR is called to assist, but the ever-increasing variety also means variable recommended TOW SPEED, some as low as 6 knots. Given VMR is unable to know every Tow Speed for every model, from every manufacturer, we rely on the owner/operators to know if they have a TOW-TAP fitted and how to operate it, or a HOSE/LINE CLAMP and what line to put it on. If they do not, we must assume 6 knots is the MAX TOW SPEED, which is frustrating for the VMR crew and JetSki operator, when towing something that weighs less than half a tonne. It’s also an uncomfortable ride home, sitting on your JetSki if the water is rough.
So we’re asking all owners and operators of Ocean-going Jetskis, to PLEASE, PLEASE know if you have a TOW-TAP and how to use it. Or purchase a HOSE/LINE CLAMP, like the pictures above, and visit your local dealer to know what hose to fit it to. (*VMR is unable to fit a device like this to your vessel, as it’s considered a modification to the water system, so unless you can confirm your TOW TAP or HOSE/LINE CLAMP is in place, we have no choice but to assume the maximum tow speed is 6 knots.)
We recommend having the dealer MARK the hose you need to clamp with some tape, and even if you have a TOW TAP, carry a HOSE/LINE CLAMP, as Tow Taps can seize over time due to not being used.

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