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Recognised overseas licences

Maritime Safety Queensland has published a list of overseas licences and qualifications that are considered equivalent to a recreational marine driver licence (RMDL) or personal watercraft licence (PWCL) on its website.




However, recognised overseas licences can not be used to satisfy the competency requirements for obtaining a RMDL or PWCL. Overseas marine licence holders, whether their licence is recognised or not, are required to obtain a statement of competency from a BoatSafe Training Provider (BTO) to satisfy competency requirements.


Obtaining a Queensland licence


A holder of a recognised overseas licence can present their licence to a BTO and have it recognised as prior learning. They will have to undergo a written and practical assessment before being issued a statement of competency in order to obtain a Queensland licence. Holders of recognised overseas licences need to complete a medical fitness disclosure statement, and demonstrate knowledge of Queensland laws and the ability to handle a boat by a practical assessment and 50 question test.


Assessment under recognition of prior learning (RPL) is also available to persons with non-recognised overseas licences, or those who have prior experience in boat operations or have completed an equivalent qualification or course of study.


The BTO will determine if a candidate’s prior learning qualifies them for assessment either in part or full against the BoatSafe requirements.






The RPL process


For a RPL application, Although scans and copies of the your qualifications / recognised overseas licence are accepted for the initial RPL conversation, when the you attend and before the course commencement, you must either supply a JP certified copy or the original for the assessor to sight and certify a copy

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